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Eternity Tower is a multiplayer hybrid active/idle browser-based game with realtime, multiplayer cooperative combat originally created by konk353535 and maintained by volunteer developers The Wraith and Aes Sedai. It can be played here. The official Discord server can be joined here.

Progression in the game can be broken down into 4 combat skills and 6 non-combat skills, with separate tabs for many of these skills shown at the top of the game page.

Combat skills include:

Non-combat skills include:

The main premise of the game is to defeat floors in a tower; progression in this tower is shared by everyone.

See the Guide for Beginners if you are new to the game.

The game is free to play. Supporters who donate in the in game shop will get minor personal benefits or cosmetic enhancements.

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  • Some crafting, farming, personal quest PQ, inscription XP and other info can be found in the Info & Data page in game (linked in the Overview page).
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